About the N Scale Train Sales store and the products offered for sale

Model Railway Collectibles: Over the last 45 years I have been collecting N Scale models to run on my Denver's RailRoads layout. Due to time restraints I have "collected" more models than I can "run" and now that I am in my 70's it looks increasingly unlikely that the layout will actually be completed to a stage that I can run all of my equipment. Furthermore I have a number of models that do not fit the era (1958–1968) that I am modelling, including quite a few Burlington Northern items. BN was not created until 1970.

I have therefore decided to offer part of my collection for sale. Many of the items are Micro-Trains and Kato models that are now no longer available from hobby shops, There are also a number of Atlas and Athearn models that are no longer available. In addition I have a collection of models put out by N Scale Enthusiast (previously N Scale Collector) either as a special run or as a "gift" car for membership or attendance to one of their conventions. These models are very rare and often highly sort after by collectors.

Quality levels as defined by The N Scale Enthusiast

Level 1. New/Mint/Exceptional Quality: Almost all of these models are brand new, complete with all the correct packaging, without evidence of being altered, and no evidence of item wear from running on any layout. In a few cases there may be slight shelf wear or small pressure cracking of box or lid may be evident.

Level 2. Very Good to Excellent Quality: Models may demonstrate slight evidence of age including discoloration of Price Sticker, Insert Labels and slight yellowing of box and lid, as well as minor cracks found in the box and lid. In all cases the condition of box and model are noted together with a photograph of each. The price will also be adjusted to take into consideration the condition of the box. Also on offer are a number of brand new miscellaneous items, such as track and point motors, which are surplus to my requirements and a few second hand models. These are all priced accordingly.

Level 3. Reasonable Quality: These models are offered "as is" and are as described on their sales page.

The N Scale Enthusiast's definition of an N Scale Collectible is:

“Collector Quality Car appears to be new, complete with all of the correct packaging, with no evidence of having been altered and no evidence of wear from running on a layout. Price tag is intact and correct for the car. Box is in good condition and appropriate for the release date. Labeling is appropriate for the original release. All parts are correct for car. Couplers, trucks, and axles are correct for the original release.”