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Broadway Ltd 3376: Stockcar. Union Pacific. No sound.

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These cars were initially offered as a 4 pack but are offered here as individual cars. There are 4 different road numbers available as follows: Box 2714 = 39139; Box 2715 = 39194; Box 2716 = 39246; Box 2717 = 39264. See the enlarged photo of the box. Fitted with metal wheels and genuine Micro-Trains Magne-Matic Knuckle Couplers.
Please specify which box & road number you want by clicking on "Details" and choosing from the drop down list. In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition. These cars have never been run. There are no cracks in the boxes, which are the originals.
Product ID 2714-2717
Manufacturer Broadway Ltd
  ISBN 3376
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Alonzo Mather, a Chicago clothing merchant who founded the Mather Stock Car Company, designed a new stock car in 1880 that was among the first to include amenities for feeding and watering the animals while en route. Mather was awarded a gold medal in 1883 by the American Humane Association for the humane treatment afforded to animals in his stock cars. Minneapolis' Henry C. Hicks patented a convertible boxcar/stock car in 1881, which was improved in 1890 with features that included a removable double deck. George D. Burton of Boston introduced his version of the humane stock car in 1882, which was placed into service the following year. The Burton Stock Car Company's design provided sufficient space so as to allow the animals to lie down in transit on a bed of straw.
Steel stock cars were in general use after the Second World War when steel became readily available.
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