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Atlas Trainman #409-502000 Series: 70 Ton Ore Car with AccuMate® couplers.
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Sorry but we are SOLD OUT of this item and have no stock left.These cars are selling on eBay for $14USD - $22USD each PLUS Tax. Originally we had 26 cars offered for sale in various different road names but most have now sold. Fitted with AccuMate® couplers. A photo of every car is displayed in the "details" section. Road names included: CN; GN; DM&IR; AT&SF; UP; NP; ACL; C&NW; SOO & B&LE. There are up to 3 road numbers for each road name. See the enlarged photos of each box.
Please select which box & road number you want by clicking on "Details" & choosing from the drop down list.
In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition. These cars have never been run or removed from their box. There are no cracks in the boxes, which are the originals.
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