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Micro-Trains 40' Standard Boxcar • Rock Island Line
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This is an original Kadee Mirco-Trains Line car which is priced at $20.60 USD on e-Bay.
In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition. This car has never been run or removed from it's box. There are no cracks in the box, which is the original and still displays a Kadee price sticker.
List Price: AU$ 26.60
PriceAU$ 20.00
14.00 USD 18.00 CAD
Red Caboose 17281: 62 Foot Insulated Beer Boxcar, Burlington Northern.
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These cars were originally offered as individual units for $24.95USD each. There are 4 different road numbers available as follows: Box 817 = Road #747420; Box 818 = Road #747420; Box 819 = Road #747424; Box 820 = Road #747427. See the enlarged photos of each box.
Please specify which box & road numbers you want by clicking on "Details" and choosing from the drop down list.
Fitted with genuine Micro-Trains Magne-Matic Knuckle Couplers. In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition. These cars have never been run. There are no cracks in the boxes, which are the originals.
List Price: AU$ 33.26
PriceAU$ 25.00
17.50 USD 22.50 CAD