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Atlas (Rivarossi) 9374: Bay Window Caboose. Norfolk & Western.
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Lettered for Norfolk & Western with Reporting Number N&W 518502. Fitted with metal wheels and Rapido Couplers.
In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition. This car has never been run. There are no cracks in the box, which is the original.
PriceAU$ 5.00
3.33 USD 4.50 CAD
Bowser 87112: N-5 Caboose Detroit & Mackinac #202
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This car is still in its original box and is quite nicely done. Fitted with metal wheels and Rapido couplers.
In a "Level 1 Quality" condition. It has never been run.
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PriceAU$ 4.00
2.67 USD 3.60 CAD
Micro-Trains (Kadee) 51090: 34' Wood Sheathed Caboose. Straight Side Cupola. Burlington Northern
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Both models SOLD. The model is of a wood-sided caboose with a cupola towards one end (offset) that was common in the 1st half of the 20th century. The model also has a roofwalk.
They are in original new "Level 1 Quality" condition and have never been run. There are no cracks in the boxes, which are the original Kadee design.
List Price: AU$ 36.00
PriceAU$ 20.00
13.33 USD 18.00 CAD