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Athearn 53' GSC Flat Car with 2 John Deere Tractors
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Sorry but we are SOLD OUT of this item and have no stock left. There are 2 Flatcars offered for sale, both with McHenry knuckle couplers. A photo of each car is displayed in the "details" section. See also the enlarged photos of each box.
Please select which box & road number you want by clicking on "Details" and choosing from the drop down list.
The models are in original new "Level 1 Quality" condition but they are enclosed in cardboard boxes with John Deere imaging. The glue holding the boxes together has dried and so one of the boxes has been sellotaped together. However the cars have never been run or removed from their plastic packaging. There are no cracks in the boxes, which are the originals.
These cars were manufactured in 2005 and are collectors items. They have sold for as much as $79 USD on eBay so they are priced here as collectibles. They are only being offered for sale as yellow TTX cars are too modern for the 1960's layout.
PriceAU$ 40.00
26.66 USD 36.00 CAD