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Athearn ATH23629: 52' Mill Gondola with Load. Railgon.
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Three cars are offered as individuals with 3 different road numbers. See the enlarged photo of the box. Fitted with working knuckle couplers.
Please select which box & road name you want by clicking on "Details" and choosing from the drop down list. In a "Level 1 Quality" condition. They have never been removed from their boxes and have never been run.
• Fully assembled and ready to operate
• Realistic coil load or scrap load
• McHenry® scale knuckle spring couplers
• Razor-sharp painting and printing
• Machined metal wheels
• Tooling upgraded with separately applied grab irons and stirrup steps
List Price: AU$ 37.00
PriceAU$ 25.00
16.67 USD 22.50 CAD
Con-Cor 1151W: 50' Fishbelly Gondola. Railgon.
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This car is still in its original box and is quite nicely done. Fitted with metal wheels and Rapido couplers.
In a "Level 2 Quality" condition as the box is scratched. It has never been run.
PriceAU$ 5.00
3.33 USD 4.50 CAD
Walthers 932-8253: Evans 48' Steel Coil Gondola
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In original new "Level 1 Quality" condition in that Box 797 is in its original Walthers cardboard box. Box 798 has been repackaged into a brand new Micro-Trains Jewel Box. These cars have never been run.
Please select which box & road number you want by clicking on "Details" and choosing from the drop down list.

Walthers introduced this model in the 1990s. There were 3 different road numbers released under the same stock number. It was part of the series of Chinese-made models that was developed by Walthers to replace the European models they had been importing. This is the first major release of a steel coil car. This model features truck-mounted Rapido couplers and low-profile plastic wheelsets.
List Price: AU$ 18.15
PriceAU$ 7.50
5.00 USD 6.75 CAD