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Kato 176-251: EMD E8/9A Locomotive. New York Central. #4093.
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Sorry but we are SOLD OUT of this item and have no stock left. Appears to have been repainted. In which case the paint job is excellent. Factory installed Kato knuckle couplers, however the front coupler is broken. This Locomotive has been run. It is in "Level 3 Quality" condition. There are no cracks in the box but it appears that it may not be the original.
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Kato 176-262: EMD E8/9 Locomotive. The Milwaukee Road  A-B-A Set #35A-34B-31C
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Factory installed Kato knuckle couplers. These Kato DC Locomotives have been run but are in their original "Level 2 Quality" condition. There are no cracks in the boxes.
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